Saturday, November 13, 2010

Banner Up!

Woohoo! Time to write after spending all day getting the banner up (pictures, rotoscoping, and adding a little this and that).

This weekend's focus: Nanowrimo and editing three books almost ready to go. How's everyone's Nanowrimo coming along? I confess, I'm far behind but I guess that's life. Better to have too many things to do than to be stuck shoving pencils up my nose while staring at a blank page.

Cats seem to take the cue I'm going upstairs to my writing cave--ah, my minion. One sleeping on the side desk next to my third computer. The other sleeping at my feet, which is sweet and warm but causes me unease, ever aware at any moment I might forget and roll her over with the chair's wheels. Hopefully not, but she's been warned. Purrrrr is her content, laid-back response. Such nonchalance.

Expecting to review books I've read this past week, all great reads. Keep you posted. Have a great day!