Thursday, January 20, 2011

Moon Energy!

Moon Energy is excellent tonight. I am enjoying writing so much! 2000+ words tonight. Focusing on the Space Pirate Romance. These characters are coming alive for me. Easiest story to write so far. I love nights like this!!! Hugs and happy writing to all! Just go to it--you can do it!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Kara's Current Writing Stats

Working Title: Sexy Space Pirates--   scifi/steampunk romance,  a little under  35,000 words - 1/3 of the way. Shooting for February contests.  

Working Title: VFFTC04-- paranormal romance, completed and awaiting contest and readers' feedback.  Approx. 80,000 words. 

Working Title: Let Go, Susan--   old paranormal YA romance, found and dusted off, nausea from reread has passed, outline totally overhauled and plot twists added, revised chapters completed in my head (sort of) and awaiting my fingers. It's basically 85% new. This one has been a trip so far!

Working Title: ToD Series: Book One-- the first book in this epic fantasy series is completed and polished. I am rereading the final four chapters one last time. I  just have to decide if I want to cut this book into three books with two cliffhangers or leave it as is.  Approx. word count as one book? Too many to admit. 

Working Title: ToD Series: Book Two and Book Three-- I am revising. 

Mood: Happy but antsy!