Friday, October 31, 2014

Games I like #7 -- The Perfect Adventure for Halloween!

This one is fun! "Grim Tales: Bloody Mary." The soundtrack alone is spine-shiver worthy, filled with creepy, intense music and creepier children's voices. If you like puzzles, adventure, or point-and-click games, this one does not disappoint. I am finishing it up tonight, just for Halloween. Playing it on my iPad in casual mode because I do not want to miss anything, like the sparkles all over the place, and I want to keep pace with the story. Enjoy and let me know if you had fun.

Grim Tales: Bloody Mary -- WEBSITE

Some screenshots for ya...

Friday, October 24, 2014

Books I like #15

Here are some of the books I like.

The Messenger by Lois Lowry. Oh well, I read them out of order. Read this one, then saw the "The Giver" movie, and just swooped up the second book. Yeah, a scrambled mess I made of my reading experience. But the nice thing is they hold up just fine out of order. So... Onward to "Son." This series is geared toward middle school; all are fast, but entertaining, reads.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Yes, there's a pattern here. I like to squeeze in books before I see their movie adaptations or immediately afterward. Gone Girl did not disappoint. I LOVED this book, and the movie. As a writer I strive to plot like this. A writer who can keep me guessing until the end, who can throw curveballs and surprises, has my devotion forever. I swooped up her other books so...

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. Just...Amazing! This book is so brutal and yet, so real. It's MC makes no apologies. Gusty prose. This one also kept me guessing; I only had it half-figured out. Several weeks later, I'm still thinking about Libby Day and all the other characters.