Thursday, October 11, 2012

Books I Like #5

The perks of being a wallflower (Stephen Chbosky) -- Perhaps Charlie is one of the most loveable characters I have ever encountered in my reading. He feels geniune. Each mental hurtle he jumps and painful discovery he overcomes strengthens the bond between character and reader. Some sentences are packed with so much intent, I found it best to just set the book aside for a minute and mull them over. Having grown up around the time of this book, I was visiting an old haunt and looking back with better understanding. I am pretty sure there was a Charlie in my high school, and I wish I'd befriended him. High school would have had more meaning, immediately.

Catching Fire (Suzanne Collins) -- Gripping sequel to Hunger Games. Doesn't have the typical sag found in so many trilogies' middle books. By taking time to flesh out characters and introduce us to new ones, Collins has built an excellent bridge to her trilogy's dynamic, emotion-packed  conclusion.

On Dublin Street (Samantha Young) -- Okay this story is HOT. For adults ONLY. If you like steamy scenes and thoughtfully crafted plots that focus on relationships and sex, this is the ticket. Young takes extra time (and pages) to bring us along on Joss's journey, her path back to life after surviving tragedy. The fear, to let someone in, is a primary focus. I liked it and appreciated the patient development of characters--something that is sometimes lacking in the hotter books. Beautiful cover.

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