Friday, September 21, 2012

If I were...I would

Please tell me Present Unreal Conditional is still acceptable. Please tell me it isn't dead. Say it ain't SO!!! How long did it take me to learn this stuff in school? Shoved and pounded into my ears until anything else sounds so wrong...


Yes, I still write 'swum.' I'm old school. Under careful  guidance from others, I have erased many sentences, such as this one:

If I were smarter, I would leave well enough alone.

and have rewritten:

If I was smarter, I would leave well enough alone. 

CRINGE! It sounds horrible.  Depending on whom I ask, I get a different answer. And this debate has been  active on many loops, along will passive aggressive misunderstandings (mine, silently--hah!).

Is it dead?  Tell me your thoughts...
No burning, please.

Much love,

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