Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The New Walking Dead Game or Why I Must Finish Editing ASAP!

Oh, the woes of a writer. How long have I promised myself that as soon as my edits were done I'd be rewarded with a week of nonstop gaming. Weeks go by, then months. Do I even remember how to use an XBox or PS3 controller? Will I get them mixed up again and run forward instead of hop backward?

But I have to finish. The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Game is out! What's even neater is that some of my former co-workers put their blood, sweat, and snot (they don't cry, mind you) into this game.

Here are some lovely pictures courtesy of the game's main website (links listed at the end of my over-excited gushing). These folks have done a fantasmagorastic job.

And this one...

Of course, this is just a taste to whet your appetite. Indeed. There are some scary shots that nearly made me wet my pants. Like a super dark set in a warehouse. Eeks!

To catch more of the action, and find out about cool features like Visceral Zombie Combat, Survival Tactics, Resource Management, and Survival Choices, and to see the trailers. Check out:

Terminal Reality's Website:

Daryl. Crossbow. 'Nuff said...

-Kara xxooxx

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