Saturday, March 1, 2014

Books I like #14

Sparks by Susan Connell

SparksSparks by Susan Connell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A fun detective romp...
This was an enjoyable, fast read. Detective Steve has to play psychic for a majority of this undercover stint, and he's probably the cutest psychic around AC--he's certainly not the most talented, especially when it comes to guessing Erin's secret. Love the chemistry between Erin and Steve. I even wish there had been more romping around, but maybe this isn't the last we see of them? ;) I hope...

Secondary characters Zoe, Nickie, Leon and even Nigel have their moments, and help to shape the main story and major dilemna: protecting two gals (one with a double life) while catching two thugs (one who happens to be a relative of both gals). I wouldn't say this story is a thriller or a mystery. The objectives and high stakes are pretty much straight forward. It's more of a detective romance: lots of wit, noir moments, a bit of bump and grind, and many sparks. Enjoyed it!

--G.P. (Kara via Gonilu Press)
I only post reviews on books I like. I found "Sparks" entertaining and enjoyable.

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