Sunday, January 6, 2013

Books I Like #10


Hushed by Kelley York. This book might not be for everyone. There is moral ambiguity in this piece, but I found the characters compelling. I understood where they were coming from, even though their actions were often rash and impulsive.

The characters got under my skin and I found myself reflecting back on their decisions days afterward. Not a light romp but worth the read, especially if you like to ponder over poor decisions and angst. It's on my Like List.


Reaper (The Riser Saga) by Becca C. Smith. This story takes over where the first left off, and the pace does not slow for one moment, in my humble opinion. I learned more about the character's motivations and backgrounds, how and why they ticked (which is the most compelling thing for me as a reader, right next to character interaction).

Gotta give street cred to an author who makes us empathetic even toward the most deranged characters. Does not disappoint.

Check them out!
-Kara :)

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