Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Spell Caster Update!

What's new with the Spell Casters? Check it out!

Audrey Knight has produced another book cover, this time for Simone Snaith's From the Ashes (The Fairville Woods). Beautiful cover and interesting blurb for the book! I'm going to check this one out, for sure.

And she's also designed a T-shirt for Frenchy's:

Deanna Molinaro has been devoting a large portion of her time to help man's best friend. Collin County Dog Rescue is dear to her heart. These dogs need loving forever homes.

From Deanna: "I make videos to show their personalities, take them out to walk/play, and write info about them on the shelter's Facebook page. Here are a couple videos..."

To like the facebook page for these sweethearts that need our help:  https://www.facebook.com/Collincountyanimalsindanger

Sarah Mensinga has been very busy with new creations -- all kinds! But she did have enough time to update her blog with some fun Christmas drawings. Cute! Check out her latest 'additions!' Blog

Mike Gasaway has been gearing up for some big happenings. Busy writing and editing. Check out and stay tuned on his writer's blog. Click the button or the link for him on my blog (right) and it will take you to his site or use this one -->  The Path to a Movie

Jenn Reese will soon release the next installment of her Above World Trilogy. Amazon is doing a preorder sale for Mirage. Be the early bird and get it on sale. Awesome. Check it out! Mirage 

Devin Blake has added a new volume to her graphic novel/comic, Monster Soup called Supernatural High. The cover is stunning! Cover

Eric Drobile has been busy with lots of work and Hatefarm's Mall Monkeys. Mall Monkeys

Well, that's the scoop for now! -Kara :)

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