Monday, January 28, 2013

Books I Like #11

Today we are checking out two cute books for kids!

Samantha Loses the Box Turtle

Samantha Loses the Box Turtle by Daisy Griffin. From Daisy Griffin's website: "The Samantha Series of Children's Illustrated Chapter Books are written by Daisy Griffin and Illustrated by Matthew Gauvin. The books are a fun way for children to get to know more about animals while following eight year old Samantha's story."

I've reviewed this book and enjoyed it! I found it cute and educational for kids. What a fun read. And I especially liked the extra facts about turtles--everything I'd wanted to know about them since I was a kid, reading those "Fudge" books by Judy Blume. Parents will find educational questions in the back, for discussion.


Nimpentoad -- Story by Henry, Josh, and Harrison Herz, Art by Sean Eddingfield and Bill Maus.

The Niblings are a group of forest creatures who are slight of build. They've been bullied for a very long time, suffering under the cruelty of Goblins and other meanies. Can the Niblings find a safe haven with a giant?

Beautiful artwork and a compelling story. Really, these art pieces drew me in. What a wonderful interpretation of a story that tackles bullying and stresses perseverance  I especially like the note to parents at the back, which talks about positive lessons like teamwork, creativity and manners. Nice!

Check them out!
-Kara :)

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