Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Books I Like #12

Since so many of my friends have young children, I'm highlighting some enjoyable children's books again! I especially like reviewing children's books because the artwork is always so amazing. These two are some of the cutest!

The Six Pirates by Lily Lexington. This books has everything a parent could ask for in a story: fun rhyming poetry, clean and crisp illustrations, and a nice story. I think this book will be wonderful for parents who like to read with their children.  It has great opportunities to ask them questions and to practice identification with words, colors, and objects. Not to mention, it also affords them an opportunity to discuss good and bad behaviors. Love the parrot.

Kevin and the Seven Lions by Martin Tiller. Illustrated by Carla Tracy. Martin Tiller has won a special place in my heart for creating this book. What writer or artist wouldn't have adored a teacher like Kevin's? Carla Tracy illustrates Kevin's daydreams superbly. I really like her style.

Check them out! 
-Kara :)

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