Friday, March 1, 2013

Games I Like

Games I Like  #01 --- While Traveling...

I love all kinds of games (RPG, first person shooters, co-op,  puzzles, name it--it's all good to me! Old and new. Since I've spent too much time travelling lately, I've turned to games I can play on my iPad, like Midnight Mysteries by developer Mumbo Jumbo. Adventure games published by Big Fish have got me hooked once more, I'll admit it. It's fun to pass the time in flight with a 'point and click'er. Nothing beats it, this side of an alcoholic haze, to drown out the passenger snoring and to make the time fly by. ;)


I discovered MumboJumbo while I was sick in bed for a few days. I enjoyed the Midnight Mysteries episode Salem Witch Trials so much, that I've always kept an eye out for anything new from them. Ghosts of famous writers stop by for a visit and pull you from your den's cozy fireplace. They send you on quests to solve mysteries. Just my kind of adventure! I loved playing these on my iPad, but now they are available for the kindle as well.

In The Salem Witch Trials you'll team up with Nathaniel Hawthorne to solve the writer's death. Visits from the victims of Salem, a fun romp through the cemetery to scavenge for clues and many hidden object and puzzles await you. Just the thing to spend some relaxing time while sharpening your brain!

In Devil on the Mississippi, Mark Twain's ghost comes to visit you and steals you away to a spooky river boat filled with apparitions and puzzles, and scenes from the past. You'll travel to many locations in search of Shakespeare's true identity!

Let me know what you think of them. Like I said, I used the iPad version, which was great for zooming in on the objects. Many of Big Fish's games are available for PC, Mac and Kindle, as well! Enjoy!

-Kara xoxoxo

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