Thursday, March 7, 2013

Games I Like #2

Fun on the Kindle...

Today I've chosen hidden object games by DifferenceGames LLC. that work well on the kindle and nook.  Pretty music, gorgeous pictures, and pretty difficult-to-find objects highlight these three by  Phatpuppy.

Hidden Memory - Dreaming with Fairies. This was the first of Phatpuppy's games that I tried. I knew the art would be tops because she's done several book covers for my alter ego. The music is sweet, and the hidden objects are challenging. This is a gal who knows her colors! I chose Normal Mode (timed) and Display Object (rather than the word). These objects are tricky to find--squint worthy in many cases. But I enjoyed the challenge and the music as I searched. I think it was more challenging because I couldn't get my kindle to zoom in like I can with an iPad, typically. Guess I gotta figure out that maneuver on the kindle yet. Lol.

Hidden Object - Once Upon A Time. Phatpuppy gives the warning that some images might be too scary for young children. These are beautiful image manipulations that tell the fairy tales' darker sides. Since fairy takes are suppose to be scary--that's awesome in my book.

Hidden Object - Creatures Great and Small. I love this Hidden Object episode. There are so many beautiful pictures, I wished to be fast enough in the Bonus rounds just to remove all the objects. I wanted to see the final pictures clear of coat hangers and other odds and ends. I am especially particular to this game because (spoiler) a slight variation to my alter ego's book cover (A.H. De Carrasco's Teller of Destiny Series: Peasant Princess) is in the game! How fun is that?! Guess which one. Of course, You'll have to wait a little bit longer before the book is out. In the meantime, enjoy I guess. Hah!  :)

Now here's an even better scoop. I discovered that some pictures from the games are available in print. When the Phatpuppy option in the Main Menu is present, you can click on it and it will take you to them. Gorgeous.

Each game that comes out is better than the last. I look forward to seeing future hidden object games by DifferenceGames LLC. and Phatpuppy. 

-Kara xoxoxo

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